It’s in your hands, your success or your failure !!! Believe that it is only up to you, your situation,your opportunities and what surrounds you now, can all change, we blame these factors along with everything else we can think of, to make us understand why we don’t succeed, but how about we BELIEVE that this is why we don’t succeed, it’s that simple, we convince ourselves and refuse to move out of our comfort zone, I know we have touched this subject many times, but I think it is so important to walk into our New Year and New Life , full of positive thoughts, this is all we need to succeed, your situation,opportunities and surroundings can all change, if we change our thoughts, there is no room for negative thoughts in your life anymore, once we understand this concept things start to change for us, while we hold onto negative thoughts, we create negative beliefs and we cannot allow this to happen, when we hold positive thoughts and hold positive beliefs, we become positive people and obtain positive results, this shows in every area of your life, people notice you, who you are, you are no longer hidden beneath negative vibes and beliefs…… that are holding you prisoner and force you to procrastinate………don’t you want to be free, to live the life you desire,to move forward every day that little bit closer to your goals and aims in life, positivity is the only way to go, to believe that you can do it, use the word can more than can not, can’t should not have room in your vocabulary or mind, there is always a way, if you don’t know the way, this is not a problem when you move permanently on a positive vibe the way will find its way to you, your mind will be more alert and all the tools you need will be available to you, you will succeed, when you hold no negative thoughts, the negative thoughts will hold you back from everything you want in life. maybe until now you think of what you want and you even start to feel that this time you will, and then yet again we allow ourselves to suffer from fear, anxiety and doubt, and that great word “can’t appear and here we go again you end up believing that you can’t……….so what’s the result….nothing and your situation even gets worse,  believe me it’s all due to your negative thoughts,get them out of your life, positive, positive create your new beliefs, your subconscious creates what you believe, so believe you can, you and your subconscious should be the best of friends and work together, do you remember my blog on “Do you know your little devil” (24.10.2013) If you feed your subconscious with good healthy food for thought, you will create and have your happy healthy life, it will bring it to you.

With positivity firmly in your life, there is no room for blocks,there is no room for the I can’t……………………….eliminate the word forever, move forward , give yourself and others positive encouragement, think how things will work, not how they may not ! Take control now, empower yourself and your thoughts, we are a few weeks away from the New Year make this your year of success, happiness everything your heart desires, I wish you everything you desire (what ever that maybe) we are all different and wish for different things, 


Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach




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