What a busy day I have had today, I must apologise for not being around or as active as usual this week, I have had a dreadful cold/flu , which has had me out of action for a few days, however today, I really set to and have started to prepare my home for Christmas, I love the day I actually put the tree up, it is usually a big event in my home, and this year I had made a promise to my grandson about him helping with the job, when he has his weekend with me, so Im’, ready and just waiting , not sure if it is this one or next week. 

Will keep you informed on that one, and maybe we can get a nice photograph to go with it ! I have hung the advent calender today, so need to go and buy some goodies to go inside each little bag for each day leading up to Christmas tomorrow, it is so colourful all different little bags hanging from the reindeer, as they say, it’s starting to look a little like Christmas !! A nice log fire, the days are shorter and that winter air is about, and the general smell of Christmas is now around………………………

It is also noticeable in the shops, it is usually late in Spain,but each year they become a little more comercial on their approach to the Christmas season, although I have to say not so much as other european countries .

Have a lovely day 

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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