It is perfectly true to say that many things can be out of our control, but there is so much you are in control of that you maybe don’t realize and use to your advantage and allow yourself to have a better life, lets take your self-talk, do you realize how much damage or good your self-talk can do, everything you say is directed at yourself and reflects on how you react to words and thoughts, when you believe in yourself your self-talk will be positive, your actions will be positive and your life should also be positive, your energy is also controlled by you, never allow others to use your energy, because there will be people who try to take your energy and run… your energy is important for you, when you enter a room your energy is with you and people will pick up on it, your energy is seen at all times and can be greatly admired by many, have you ever been told how your energy is loved! Even down to who follow on social media is controlled by you, you do not need to follow the crowd, you have likes and dislikes stick to your intuition and take control of your social media activities.

How you care for yourself, will indicate to others how you should be cared for particularly in a relationship, eat well, sleep well and exercise, take pleasure in caring for yourself, this does not need to be expensive, you can home spa and have a lovely time while pampering yourself 24/7, care for your skin, your nails your hair, it all shows who you are, and people do notice these things, it is what makes you who you are.

How you respond to situations is also in your hands, your reaction should be yours and not what others wish to see, make your own boundaries have situations and people where you wish them to be, do not allow yourself to be monitored by anyone else, you are not a puppet and can control your own areas, this also includes your attitude, let it be yours, you have no reason to mirror image anyone, you are worth so much, just as you are, work on yourself daily personal growth is something that never ends it can change your way of life for the benefit of yourself and for those who are around you,you have control of so much in your life and the more in control you are the happier you are.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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