A true friend and support, when support is given before being asked for,it is true friendship support, they support you no matter what, it is totally unconditional with no strings attached they saw your need, and are there for you, should you wish to share, they will not push you to open up, this type of friend will give you space and in your own time will be there for you. This is a good supportive friend.


This is where many of us make a mistake, when we have an upset in our life, from any direction or area of our life, we let it have too much space within us, we let it eat away at us, we keep it up front within our mind and in the end it has 24/7 attention, when this happens it leads to more bad experiences coming to us, and it makes us feel very unhappy and at times bitter. As mentioned yesterday, what we really need to do is learn from the experience and move forward, let it go, and focus on the good we have around us, on what matters, what has gone has gone, it cannot be changed, and you should not suffer from this,again know now the signs in the event of repetition, take your knowledge and move and focus in the important people in your life, not the unimportant ! This is important in your friendship and relationships, would you open the door to unhappiness and sadness in your life? No, of course you would not, so learn and take the positive with you into your future.

A little guide to help us with our friends…………………..


However, it is very true !!!

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