We all have moments when we wish to give up, nobody is above this point, with all the good will in the world, there will be that tiny moment when you could throw everything over board and just sink with it……..we know that we are told, never to give up, keep going no matter what, never lose sight of your dream/goal etc., but do you know the little secret that will help you to keep going…………………….

giving up

We all have these moments, hidden and treasured away in our minds it can be words, a feeling an emotion you have felt, that is what you need to hold on to, and remember each time you want to give up or feel you want to give up, I don’t think any of us want to give up, it is a passing moment and you need to have control over it, and use your moment “thing” it can be more than one, I love it when my grandson talks to my dog, he gently takes her head in his hands and tells her how much he loves her, and that she is his darling, no matter how old he is, it really is so sweet, it never fails to bring a smile to my face and instantly my motivation is back, he is eight years old and he tells her with such innocence and love. You will have something that maybe pulls at your heart or even amuses you with laughter over a situation or scene  you are able to relive, it can even be a hug or hold by that special person, it is a feeling that invades your whole body and immediately changes your vibration that is going out to the world/universe. 

giving up 2

When we allow ourselves to hold this feeling, the people around us sense the difference and we ourselves always feel better, when we hold a high vibration everything in our world goes well, we receive good high vibrations back, coming the saying of “what we give out, we receive, and what goes round comes round” when we are in this state of mind, we would never wish to give up…………apart from wonderful little things we hold in our mind, many things around us are totally free and are there for are offering, no matter what are situation is, we can hug others and even ourselves, it can give us a lovely warm feeling, it can transmit strength, we can smile and laugh, we can enjoy friends and family and we can sleep and retain our good memories.

giving up 3

When we realise all the tools we have at our fingertips without a cost or importance of our circumstances it really does help us to keep moving forward and obviously never to give up, we can also with no cost let go of what holds us back……when we compare ourselves to others, why should we do this when we are so unique and wonderful, to compete with others, why ? no one will ever do something the same as us or anyone else, and why would we, we all have our personal twist that we can place on our being or work. When we judge others, do you wish to be judged ? do you hold anger that you can release, letting go costs nothing, just your inner strength do we regret ? yes of course we do, we all have regrets about one thing or another, some bigger than others but we cannot change this, so lets, let it go…….to blame others is easy but not necessary…………to hold guilt or fear they are all things we can live with out and we can let go, free of charge…………Never give up kind your memories loving and your vibrations high. 

giving up 4

Brooke Universal Life Coach.






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