Are you aware how much strength, peace, and happiness, nature and what it brings out in us can give us, for very little in return, when we spend time outdoors we can find it to be a symbol of finding renewed strength and hope for ourselves, whether it be a stroll in nature or a garden you love to go to relax and find yourself, the pleasure it can bring is outstanding, even it is a window box, it is the fact that you have helped something to grow through your love and care, it is your space to enjoy, fill it with plants and flowers and create your own chill-out relax area.. a recent survey stated that more than 3m people took up gardening for the first time during the pandemic, gardens and nature are healthy for us and provide great comfort and happiness to us, they distract you from maybe your troubled world or problems, they allow you to drift into another world full of beauty and sets all your senses going with the aromas that float to us, you can have a beautiful career or a noisy working environment and that step into nature whether it be your personal space or open outdoor nature can fill you with all the balance you need to find the equilibrium we all need.

Nature can become your greatest friend and strength it gives a beautiful feeling of silence that allows you to reevaluate your beliefs and values

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