Thank you for your mails regarding magic and the Law of Attraction, it is not difficult to understand but some people really struggle with coming to terms how it really works, so I thought I would try to explain today from another angle, it was written many many years ago, it is not something that has appeared recently, the Gospel of Matthew wrote in the Holy Scriptures, “Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whatever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him ” sadly many understand this as if your rich great, you are going to stay rich and if your poor, well you are going to stay that way… Now what this really means and is talking about is gratitude !! and when you understand this, the magic starts to happen, as you can see there is a big difference to one interpretation and another. When we exclude gratitude from our life, we exclude all the magic that goes with it. When we have gratitude in our life, we just keep getting more and more ! and of course this leads to abundance…..

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Gratitude operates through a Universal law that runs through your whole life, which as the Law of Attraction states “like attracts like” In your life, the law operates on your thoughts and feelings, because they are energy too, and so whatever you think, whatever you feel, you attract to you. You have to start to see that the more you state ” I don’t want XYZ in my life, or I want more money etc., because I dont have… are in fact attracting more of the same into your life. But, if you turn that round and start to think, how you love your job, etc., or positive points regarding things in your life, that is what will appear more, if you have positive gratitude, that you sincerely feel, the law of attraction states that you must attract more of those things into your life, it works like a magnet, if you imagine attracting metal to a magnet, your gratitude and positive thoughts should bring more of the same to you, you become your magnet…..this is Universal law

magic loa 1 When we look into history, it is full of people who have followed the laws of the universe, their achievements are among the greatest ever, J Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Da Vinci, Shakespeare the list goes on and on, what did they have in common, they understood gratitude Universal Laws and how the Law of Attraction works, Einstein was forever giving thanks, it is said he gave thanks more than one hundred times a day, he certainly received many forms of abundance. however many people today still find it unknown the power of gratitude, because to experience the magic of gratitude in your life you have to practice it.

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Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


  1. Thanks for the gratitude reminder. 🙂 It is definitely a key to attracting abundance into our life.

    When working with the Laws of the Universe, I find them largely unwritten, and generally perceived through a spiritual perception of life. It’s like the decalogue: these are not the Universal Laws themselves, but it is the understanding of why they are in place that leads us to these Universal Laws. It’s like, here’s a blueprint, now think a little deeper as to why this would be so.

    Nature is another one of these areas that expose Universal Laws. Just look and see how it works and then extrapolate. Viola! Open book.

    I could go on and on, but I won’t. 😉

    Anyway, love this topic. Much abundance!

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  2. Fantastic blog post Brooke!
    Having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ definitely helps me to feel good. Being greatful for and appreciating beauty in the moment works for me.
    Have a great Christmas!


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