Autumn, a perfect time for propositions, we are between dates, we are after the holidays, we are back at work after the summer, and we are feeling sorry for ourselves, as the good times and days seem to fade, this is not only a pessimist point of view, it is also the wrong way to look at life. We have to think in a positive way, the holidays have finished, but we now have the future time opening up to you and we need to design how we wish to use that time. Nothing has ended here, on the contrary, we just change our lifestyle and activities. 

Proposition 1

Take control, it may be that you do not know yet what you wish to do with your life, but if you do, this is an ideal time to put it clearly on paper and in your mind and prepare to reach your goal, it does not matter what that goal is, lose weight, change your job, become less timid, start a business it all takes effort and time, and no one will do this better than you. Take a good look at your strengths and possibilities consider the fact that you may need someone to help you, and most of all value that this is really what you want. A life’s journey begins with one step, but when you take that step you will realize that things begin to change, so keep going…

Plan well and listen to your interior little voice, that will be guiding you, that gut instinct that indicates things to us, when you know what you want, at times you will know how to get it, dreams and realities…

1.  Precision, you need to have it really clear what you wish to achieve, when you use terms like more money, lose weight or be calmer, are no good to you, How much more money do you need, How much weight do you wish to lose, and which problem do you wish to solve to feel calmer, You need to specify as much as possible to get what you want if you are not stretching your self out of your comfort zone or it has no ambition what so ever, maybe you are just kidding yourself, you need to be well-informed and go for it, challenge yourself within your world, get halfway there, and then go for the final step, breaking the process down is always a good idea, if needed to be approached this way, this is not a problem, the proposition is that you get there. 

2…Feet firmly on the ground..We all like to dream, but the proposition is to make it to the goal, if it looks extremely easy or holds no ambition or you haven’t planned a good strategy, maybe you are kidding yourself, make sure you have all the information on similar cases Can you make it? and if you do what will happen? do you need help? if you get halfway and then continue to the finishing line, this is not a problem, the importance is to get there not time.

3.  No shortcuts..plan your strategy as if you were of on an expedition! when you have what you need to obtain this dream/goal, How long do you think it will take, we are not waving a magic wand, so give your project time, don’t rush it, or take short cuts, things will happen along your pathway that you were not expecting, face them in a calm manner and take the time necessary to rectify this obstacle, plan where you go, there is no rush 

4…Success from the first day…..Many people fail because they do not use the advice in the previous 3 tips, others fail because they have a time limit, and as time passes they see their dream/goal getting further and further away. When at any moment you start to feel tired, and you feel that you cannot continue, remember these famous words, “There is always tomorrow” the following day you will be pleased you did not give in, this is a success, but sadly many people do not realize this. 

proposition 2

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship  Coach

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