We have two option’s in life, to go with the flow, or get your head right out of the water and swim, enjoy the journey and always feel good, I would take the second option, head out of the water and swim swim swim………………………….one thing is for sure, if you decide to be happy you will be happy.This tells us that you make that decision about your life, you live your life as you choose and how you over come the problems that are thrown in our path. This may sound impossible or out of our reach, but happiness is quite simple, it is with us at all times and we have the capacity to enjoy it, they only thing you need to do is to learn how to transform your life and let it in.

happiness 4

Discover the key to happiness, overcome your hang ups  and transform the vision of your life.

Happiness………….What is this ?

Take your time and try to find the words to describe happiness, Is it a moment you have had, a dream long or short term,your idol or something you feel is out of your reach, I have to say if you think this, then you are cold cold cold, the answer lies within you, happiness is the natural person inside you, whether you travel,shop,eat paint, if you are happy it’s not what you are doing at the time it’s your decision to be happy that makes you happy, this is something that most people do not realise, they associate happiness with material objects, money, love, but to enjoy anything you need to be happy, rich poor or otherwise., if we associate happiness with objects,things or people, we are always waiting for the next thing, the next time to be happy……..when you look at it this way, you see how much happiness you miss and how simple happiness really is, you decide…………….

searching for happiness 1

You can reach it…………… In the world today we are (sadly) educated to want want want and prosper, money to obtain everything that we think can make us happy, there is nothing wrong with knowing what we want from this life,this is a good thing,but, what we don’t know beforehand is what is going to be thrown at us along the way,do we need to climb Everest or is a walk in a meadow enough, every body is different we all have tasks that try us through our life, but the big difference is in our attitude to this,if we are positive and happy, these tasks will be beared in different ways,the decision to be happy will go hand in hand with your positivity, if your negative how can you be happy………. with a positive happy attitude you can let go of your fears and personal hang ups,other wise you will only bring problems to yourself, so it’s time to change and transform your way of life and form of thinking. You must want to do this and by putting everything you have into this with`practise you see results within a few weeks, you will have transformed for your own good, Be happy……..if you think you good be happier,more positive,give it a try, you have nothing to loose,but a lot to gain.

Learn to let go…………………………………………………………………..

happiness 1

The most difficult part is the beginning, we are all creatures of habit, and to let go of things we do day in day out , can be very challenging, this takes time and effort. We have to learn to leave things behind, our personal hang ups,bad habits what ever it may be even our fears. Every little part of us that gives of negativity, negativity that influences our vision of life that stops us from reaching happiness, change the chip!!! It is very important you are open to change, ready to find alternatives to the way you do things now, to find them a more pleasant experience and happy, you need to be flexable, creative and original to find these new ways and methods,you deserve to be happy and you make that choice,the next step is to cure ourselves of the terrible disease of our needs……. do we really need all those things material or sentimental to be happy. With your positivity you will see, that what you thought you needed you don’t need at all, happiness is from within,you will find you need little or nothing at all.  

happiness daily 3

Brooke Universal Life Coach






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