It is very possible that within the past years you have spent more time alone than in other times, with the pandemic and lockdowns across the world we have all changed our daily habits and routines…….and one of them could have been a spell of being alone……….you may note that I have not used the word lonely or loneliness, as I hope that was not your case.

There is a great saying” That solitude can show you much more than in company” so what do you think you learned during your alone period, or maybe are still learning, as I know many of you are still in situations of being alone.

If you are finding it difficult during this time, I suggest you apply the Law of Acceptance, my favorite law of the universe, when you accept the situation we are living through, even though you may feel it is going to be permanent in your life, your acceptance of it will allow you to adapt in a quicker manner and you will feel better, you will stop fighting with yourself, when we fight with ourselves it can be the longest and hardest battle we ever have,

This is the basics of the Law of Attraction, so if you are feeling down in the dumps and letting your situation get the better of you, can you see the importance of accepting and creating better thoughts, this would then allow other better thoughts to be attracted to you, and you would possibly start to enjoy your time alone, there are so many things you can do, take advantage of this time, peace and quiet can sometimes be hard to come by.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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