For those of us just coming out of summer, or for those of us just going in !we all gain a few kilos more due to ice cream and mojitos or heavier food we eat during the winter months, whichever the case may be, we all still need to care for ourselves, feel good and be happy with ourselves, it’s time for a little clear out ! Hands up, we all over do it at some stage and don’t forget Christmas is just around the corner……… so we need to be ready 


So as we go into a new season, it’s the time to detox, get into a new routine and form new habits, hopefully healthy one’s, just like we do on the 1st January…..We need to improve our eating habits, a healthy diet and start our new exercise regime, we need to make a new Mantra, a one that is as easy as possible, Watch the amounts that we eat, we don’t need to weigh every thing we eat, but we have to watch fats or very moorish dishes, if we can, dishes with vegetables and protein are the best choice.detox-4

If you decide to start an exercise regime, it is always recommended that you consult a professional first on what is suitable for you, if you are already a keep fit addict just jump right back in, and work up to your normal routine, if you feel none of that is for you, at least try to fit in walking, this is a great form of exercise, and most of us can manage that,there are many benefits to walking and you really feel the difference in yourself.


Here are three important things to remember:-

Try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, to help with the function of your metabolism, it also gives a full sensation, less temptation to pick in between meals.

Eat fruit everyday, but it is best only up to lunch time, after this time the body does not consume it the same, choose fruits like the apple, pear, papaya ……….

Move, do not become a couch potato, the metabolism will slow down and you will gain body fats, this is where exercise is your best friend.

Now here are another three things to remember:-

Alcohol will cause you to accumulate weight! as it affects the break down of body fats, instead of burning them of, you actually will just store them.

Try to plan your meals, if not it is easy to fall into the trap of “what shall I eat” you will then choose something heavy and not really suitable.

It is always better to do this slowly, losing weight fast is not good for you or your body, a slow process is better, moderation is the key word here,this way as you achieve your weight loss you also keep your motivation in tact !



If you approach this with the right mind-set, you can really enjoy it, most people find weight loss or just feeling good a big pain, enjoy, go into it knowing you are going to look fabulous inside and out, this is not only about your shape, your skin benefits and your self-confidence will soar. …..GO FOR IT !

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