We obtain our character as we grow, not always as we grow up, we often really get our character from what life sometimes throws at us, experiences which mark our life and form or even change our character, other people think that we acquire our character from our parents,through genes or the influence they have on us as we grow up and become adult people.

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However there also exists the six pillars of character which if taken on board can produce rather spectacular people,it is never to late to learn new things and make ourselves a better person, RESPONSIBILITY – We should all take responsibility for what we do,(but do we ?) to preserver and go ahead with your plans is a big part of you being responsability to yourself,do you  always do your best, that you are satisfied with your best, to have control and discipline over your actions, think things out before speak or act or show our attitude that could affect another person.You are setting an example to others,CARING- Our we truly grateful for everything we have,are we kind and compassionate to others, as we would want to be treated,our we capable to forgive others that are in need of that forgiveness,can we show we really care RESPECT- When we give respect to others we receive respect,we should always treat others with good manners, and accept that we are all different and we need to respect people for that, bad language,to threaten and hurt others is not respectful and we would not want that, we need to be diplomatic over issues that anger us and find a happy media to disagreements.

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FAIRNESS- We should never blame others, when things  don’t go our way, we should be fair with our judgements of ourselves and others,we need to be open minded and to go with the rules and regulations people expect from us and always be fair before we make decisions that affect us and others CITIZENSHIP- Get out there and make a difference, get involved in affairs that affect your surroundings,help your neighbours,protect your environment and that of others,support others in need.

CHARACTER cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.

Helen Keller 1880 – 1968 Author, political activist and Lecturer

Brooke Universal Life Coach




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