It’s the perfect time of the year, the summer is over, and you should be feeling refreshed and ready to go, but, you become stagnant, your routine has changed you are not quite into your new routine and some of you will stay exactly where you are or you will start to go for it, whatever that represents to you, one of the most important points to keep in mind now, is are you doing what you want to do? or are you doing what someone else thinks is good for you or wants you to do? your life belongs to you, you may have decided to share your journey with someone but you are your keeper you decide over your life, not others, never forget that the power to do or not to do is within you and only you, to live a life on someone else’s terms is half living your life, and the total belongs to you, you can consider other you can give and take, but this is your chance, your opportunity…your life, so if you are not happy and are sitting on the fence make a decision that is good for you, don’t let yesterday guide you into the future, yesterday is the past what is coming is your future, make it a great one, to create a new chapter in your life, you have to become a new you the person you really want to see, a new version of yourself.

There will be many reasons why you feel you can’t do this new you, this new chapter, but the only reason is that it is you that set your limits in life, people do it every day and you can also do it if it is what you really want, it is your happiness, change is difficult for many of us, not everyone loves it, but change is necessary for life, it is how we grow how we gain experience and personal growth, your capabilities are far more than you give yourself credit for, don’t make the mistake of just feeling comfortable where you are, we can all become comfortable but beware this is when you risk the possibility of becoming stagnant, and they are two different things.

It is only you that can make these changes, you may have the support that is good for you, providing it is the right kind of support, that they are truly there for you and what you wish to do and not directing you where they wish you to go. Don’t rush, once you make your decision just take one step at a time, and enjoy becoming a new version of yourself, this new chapter, this new life belongs to you so make sure you enjoy every moment…

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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