Did you know that there is a big possibility that at some point in our life we all have a fear of something, however living in fear is not living at all!

We would all like to live in a perfect world, and we try so hard to achieve that, but in the end, we tend to more concern ourselves with feeling safe while we continue to learn to live and love in this crazy dangerous world.

The worst thing we could do is give attention to this, as it is very negative and will only give your fear more power, also we can’t ignore it or pretend it is not there.

If you were going to do a dangerous sport you would protect yourself with the correct equipment and gadgets, so as to not harm yourself and this is the same job we must do regarding our fear, we need to visualize our situation and surround ourselves with a protective field, not to thick and not to thin, just good enough to keep us safe, you will feel this field of protection and will only allow the good to filter in, this is how you should be seeing and feeling the world that you live in, imagine how it would feel if you felt safe and your fear or fears were placed on a different level, a manageable level where you are in control and finally live your life, you are surrounded and find comfort in that fact, nothing negative can reach you… you need to feel at peace, safe you know you can do this, it is a question of trusting your own judgment and abilities to live a full life in a happy way, relax and enjoy each day, live without fear.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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