I was always told that problems are sent to us to be solved!! However, this may be true but some are very very big and others are rather smaller… the secondary problem lies in the time we spent worrying about the problem rather than spending that time on resolving it. We start to talk to ourselves with phrases like Why does this happen to me, life is horrendous, how did this happen?

Problems are part of our life, they are inevitable and anyone who tries to tell you that they have no problems or have never had, they are telling porky pies, a very untrue story! we all have problems at some stage in life and how we handle them, will be how and for how long they affect us, however, believe it or not, every problem has a solution, it may be immediate or it may take a while to discover the solution, this can be because we need to let go of that problem sometimes it is our problem and sometimes it is not, we may see the solution clearly or we may need to call on a higher power, it may just be part of life or could be a learning process for us and we need to come out of the problem have gained knowledge regarding something, there are also problems that at the time are terrible but, we later realize they were a blessing in disguise, and place us where we need to be and where we are going, a problem is a problem and can be a way of telling us we are heading in the wrong direction. It is important to learn how to focus in these moments and keep the positive mindset that we need we need to accept the problem for what it is, this is also a way to resolve the problem quicker, the act of acceptance allows us to trust our instinct and capacity to resolve,

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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