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Do you feel comfortable in your skin ? And if not, why not ? You need to pin point this, and then you can start to work on your change, if that is necessary, maybe you just need to allow yourself to accept, we are all unique as I have told you many times, the fact that we are all different is what attracts us to different people, if we all liked the same type of person, where would we be ? The outer shell, is only that, and we all have some part of that, that appeals to others, is it important ?, it’s important that we care for ourselves, that we have healthy habits, but it’s just as important that we are confident happy people, sure of ourselves, and who we are, a personality is very important, who you really are as a human being can be far more attractive than a pin-up model you think you should be, and why would you think that ? Is it the pressure we are under from magazines, TV etc., 

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When you really know yourself and your self-esteem is in a good place you will love yourself for who you are, yes, from time to time you may want to lose the odd kilo, that’s normal, but it is not controlling your life, you are, and that is how it should be, you should be in the driver’s seat, feeling good and comfortable in your own skin, it is very important to be happy with yourself and to feel the love you should have for yourself, for many reason’s, as the years go by, we change also in many ways,but when we are confident about who we are, these changes are done without effort, it’s just  a natural course, however if we have big hang-ups about our body, shape etc., and are looking always to be something we are not, happiness will escape us, because we become superficial.

descarga Beauty in your skin

When we look into ourselves, into our hearts and define who we are we are at times very surprised, we find a wonderful kind loving person, who is full of life and happiness, who has been put down for years by a person looking for perfection in everything, perfection as such does not exist, perfection is us in every shape and form, we are perfect because we are unique, who else can look or do things like us, nobody so that makes us perfect in our own right, we are who we are and we should be very proud of that fact, there are many things that you do better than anyone else !! And people around you will think that also.

images (4) skin deep

The universal law of allowing and acceptance, is an important law to learn,(I did a post on the universal laws, 16.03.16/17.03.16/18.03.16) you may wish to check it out. When you start to go into your heart looking for answers about yourself , make a list and value what you write there. This is a good exercise for you, to see just how perfect and unique you are.

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Don’t ever forget this……………………………………….

Brooke Universal Life Coach




  1. What a wonderful post. I love the quote: “Be your own kind of beautiful”. This past winter, I accepted a six month teaching position and the first thing I did was put a poster with that quote up on the wall. One student in particular absolutely loved it. 🙂


  2. Oh so true – I have that quote hung on the side of my bed: “Be your own kind of beautiful” and you are right – it’s all in the eye of the beholder – What appeals to one person doesn’t to the next and thank goodness for that! x


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