Have you ever experienced that wonderful feeling that life is going to change and that new energy is on its way and straight into your life, you cannot base your life on the possibilities you may have, on what happened in your past, you don’t know how you will feel tomorrow or even within the next hour, we base everything on how we feel now?

Our life is changing, we are changing, and there are times when things just don’t work out how we want them to, this is maybe because we needed to learn a lesson in life, but it does not mean that our future is going to be that way, we have to believe that are difficult times are over, we need to know that every day is different and it can be what we want to make it, never put limits on your self because of your past, when you look bad, can you see how many good things have changed and come to you, to bring you to where you are now, think of maybe a year ago and look at your journey many changes have been made within you and your surroundings.

Problems can linger from time to time, but everything is temporary, including your times of confusion and uncertainty an unsolved problem does not last forever. When this happens we have a terrible habit of comparing them to our past, the situation and circumstance have made us who we are. There is no need to live in fear, because of our present and future, is not based on our past.

A new energy is coming, you feel it within but you can’t predict what your future will hold, but you are sure it is going to be different, your struggle has not been for nothing, it is for and towards something.

Times always change and most importantly for the better, trust yourself and welcome everything that comes into your life.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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