Most of us live for our hopes, dreams and what we plan for our life, but at times, things get complicated and things change that force you into a different path, we are going to look at resilience and how we find it, when going through bad times we can and do generally emerge stronger and far more resilient.

Some of us, need to find our resilience when we lose a loved one, death ends life, but the relationship, doesn’t end.

When we lose a loved one, we tend to lose our way for a little while in everything we have dealings with, not only our direct family and surroundings, we tend to float around for a little time, not very sure of where we step, we can even be in shock for a while, however at some point we realise that we must carry on, maybe for the sake of children, older parents there can be many reasons for us not to let them suffer anymore than necessary. It is important that we have someone to talk to, and to realise that children for example can be extremely resilient and strong, and this is when we flourish with our knowledge, maturity and of course resilience.

We have to remember that most people who lose someone in these sad circumstances. will know that within their heart, that the person who is no longer here, would not want us to be sad or unhappy… have to find your fighting spirit, and build up your resilience to go forward,thinking of your future in a good sense , to dare to believe of a brighter and happy future is one of the first steps, it is so important on your way of viewing your situation and how you see the matter, it is so important that we focus always on what we have and not what we have not or lost, when we value what we have and our life you will always find a way to keep going,we need to rebuild your life,when we think of resilience, we need to consider that by facing fear we build our resilience and stop avoiding it. We need to be emotionally strong to create resilience.

Brooke Universal Life Coach



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