You can free yourself if you take the right steps………………………………………………………

If you are one of many who return to work this month, don’t let the September blues get to you, you can take control of this situation to make this month easier

TIME – Don’t be late, this is very important, not just from your employer’s point of view but also for you, if you start your day being late, you have just added the first drop of stress into your day, and in most cases, this will stay with you all through your day and will only get more stressful as your day goes on. Returning from holidays where you have probably slept long into the morning, late nights, long morning at your pace and doing as you please, the routine factor is one of the first things that cause stress, but we can help ourselves here, wake earlier than you need to, give yourself that time you need to readjust to your new routine, keep the stress levels down,(obviously this evolves going to bed earlier) by giving yourself this little extra time, the feeling of your holiday freedom will stay with you that little bit longer.

Make the most of every hour you have within your workplace, this will give you good results, and you will feel good (most important) this is where your personal attitude has to take control, don’t go to work with other distractions that will give you no benefits in any area. The more mentally prepared you are will help you through your day, the time will pass much quicker and your stress levels will stay low.

help yourself 4

Enjoy your lunch break, don’t enter this time thinking “I only have one hour or half an hour” enjoy this time to eat, relax and enjoy your coffee, stop thinking about your afternoon tasks, just simply enjoy the moment.

One of the biggest September blues is thinking that we now only live for work, the holidays are over, and back to the grind-stone, it is therefore very important that you continue to do family activities and hobbies and of course yourself, most people think that this is impossible due to our added daily tasks, they are wrong this is just a question of the organisation of time, your time, if you have to make a list at the start to help you, do it, a list of all the things you need to do and all of what you want to do, then fix it to your timetable, this is not impossible, where there is a will there is a way.

Sleep more, low productivity and no motivation are classic symptoms of September blues, this is due to a lack of sleep, so it is most important to sleep, go to bed earlier holidays are a relaxing time, but, sometimes we need a holiday to get over one!

And most important, when you plan your new timetable and routine, remember the eight rule, eight hours to work, eight hours for you, and eight hours to sleep.

Move into September with energy, vitality, and most important attitude your view of how you see things will be your biggest help, we can’t take September out of the calendar so make the most of it, it really is in your hands…………………………………………………..

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach



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