I notice more and more recently, people exposing themselves as someone else, why? when who you are is probably far superior and authentic to the person you are trying to portray, we all have distinct backgrounds which are nothing to be ashamed of, no matter which end of the scale you are from, it is what you wish for yourself in life that matters, what you achieve by your own merit not portraying someone else, in fact at times it can work against you to interpret someone else, people notice and you just become known as a clone…. nobody wishes to be remembered in that way, regardless of what you do, if it is work, don’t confuse following a blueprint that is successful and becoming lost in wanting to be the person who maybe shows you this, you need to know and follow the blueprint for your own success, but being you can make all the difference, you have your little things and ways, it is exactly the same in a personal relationship, be you, you need to be loved, admired liked for who you are, not someone you are playing the role of, in business or on a personal level over a period of time you will be seen and maybe even tripped up if you hav’nt been 100% honest about certain things, as you, unmasked you, you have so much to offer, it may take you longer to be loved admired or liked but it is far better being shown those things because its you and someone else, and if people give up on you because you don’t fit the profile or their expectations of you, believe me it is their loss and your gain, would you want people like that in your life?

Be happy being you, because you can never be happy trying to be someone else, you would be living permanently on your nerves working out your next move, and your spontaneity will be lost in your other persona, be brave and be you!

brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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