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When will we truly realize that our mind is the greatest asset to achieve what we want in life, no matter what it may be? To want to have more money in our life is not a bad thing, yet many of us suffer from old beliefs regarding this, that money is the root of all evil, that to want more is to be ungrateful for what we have, this is not the case, but while we believe these things, we will never attain that dream we may have, who does not want more money in their life? The longer we hold on to these beliefs, the more we block ourselves from anything we desire.

Any system you may have, forcing yourself to take action with your preconceived ideas will just not cut it! However, if you truly put your mind to it, you can become the creator of your own dream. If you master your mind, you will be successful in anything you desire. No matter what I tell you here or whatever you read regarding the Law of Attraction if you do not believe one simple thing, your results will be nothing………Your mind has the power to make you wealthy, and your mind has the power to make you poor. 

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The first thing you have to see is that there is no shortage of money in the world, so if you want a little more or a lot, no one is going to go short because of your desire, you also have to see that we are the ones that put limits on ourselves, we all have limitations on what we think is possible and achieve, money really is an impersonal thing, it can also go to good or bad people, the universe does not judge anyone! you just have to appreciate it and welcome it into your life, many people although they want more, can be afraid of money, you start to think it might change you, that others will not like you and friends and family may resent you for it, this is a negative way to look at it, just think how you could improve your lifestyle and that of your family, how you could help others in many different ways, it does not mean you are going to become an ATM machine to friends and family!

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If you start to look around you over the next few days, you will see that money is everywhere, there is plenty of it around, but you have to see that it is you who places the limitations in your mind, and this is what is holding you back, Nothing more nothing less.No matter what it is you desire the basics are the same, it is you and your limitations that is stopping you, so, think about this, make this change within your mind, and get ready to receive what you truly desire. My next Law of Attraction post will be on how to remove these limitations and how to take the next step to create your new life. 

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