Relationships come and go, with some we suffer more than others, and some stay with us for a lifetime, the memories, the regrets the resentment, and the anger, what if we had another way of looking at things, that would take away all the above-mentioned trauma, if we let our powerful minds take over in a sensible manner, we could save a lot of what we like to  call “Heartbreak”  (let’s hope this is the last time we use that term)

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If we sit and think about relationships we will come to the conclusion that there are three types of relationships, 1. Life gave………this is a relationship that can last from 1 night to maybe 2 years, it is given to us at any time before maybe we know what we really want, but we are happy at the time. 2. Lifetime……….this is a relationship that lasts a lifetime, why, because it’s perfect, it’s all about to give and take, respect, love, companionship, similar interests, it’s you maybe meeting you with a few little differences and you both grow old together…….bliss… then you have 3. Purposeful life……..this is the one that nearly 80% of the population end up in, they are put together, it’s the relationship that is put together by children, business, family, and friends, then you purposely try to keep it together, it can bring turmoil into your life, it can be good or bad it can last for maybe 20 years, but when it’s run it’s “PURPOSE” it’s over…..hence the name of PURPOSEFUL. The purpose is maybe your wonderful children and the personal growth you have found in that time.

You see our relationships are part of our life experiences, and we should see them in this way, each relationship gives us something, and we learn all the time,(or at least we should) bear in mind here that you still have time to learn we can always learn from the present and the past, each part of our lives and relationships run their course and then they are complete.

When we finish a relationship, the first big mistake we make is not talking about it with the true terminology, you see, we tend to say “We have broken up ” “finished” NO NO NO…… you are not broken the other half is not broken, you’re not finished the other part is not finished, yes you will both have a few issues, but nobody is broken or finished, you see all that has happened here is a circle has been completed, so you are in fact just complete, and ready to move on, you must take that experience with you, your partner may have been a lovely generous kind-hearted person, but you are worth an even more lovely generous kind-hearted person. This is why we start with life given, it starts are relationship life, but as we go forward we hopefully find our lifetime, if you are in the 80% population, never be unsure of what to do, when you are complete, that’s all it is, this part of your life is complete, and you are ready to move forward, it is never too late in life to find your lifetime partner.                                                                          

And remember, broken-hearted, broke up, and finished is not in your dictionary you are simply complete you have completed that circle of your life.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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  1. Oh! I love it. Nothing is broken. This particular circle of life is complete. For me, when put this way, I get a wonderful visual. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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