Time to be honest………with yourselves !! And this can be hard at times, but when we finally realize who we are, we really can be happy with our little lot !!

This is a process, from the inside out………. are you happy with the person you are? Not just at certain times with certain people, can you honestly say to yourself you are the same person at all times, when we take on a role, to please, progress and mould others, we are not being ourselves……….we are not showing the world the natural person within, so why do we do this……….is it through fear, lack of confidence or do we just totally have no worth of ourselves and need to try to be someone else, how many people do you know that have a need to be someone else, which at times can be produced through pure jealousy, the necessity to be that person, is more vital than you, do you really undervalue yourself so much, if this is the case, you need to really make a survey of yourself and bring out all the beautiful points you have, that are unique to you …….we are all so unique and we should realize this……..we all have something very special to us, we do not need to mirror another person, to feel wanted or important,in this wonderful day and age we live in today, we can educate ourselves forever, we can spread our wings in any direction we wish, and when you say, I can’t, you are making an excuse for yourself, where there is a will there is a way…..never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, you need to be you and you need to go and find yourself….

When we are uncomfortable with our outer self, we really need to get a hold of ourselves, some things can be attended to, others can’t or you simply need to embrace who you are and be happy with it, you know at times, when we are short we want to be tall, when we are thin, we wish to be bigger……curly hair straight hair, young old, we all fight against some ying and yang….but, have you ever thought, that how you see yourself may not be how others see you……..your extra little bit around your waist, just might be wonderful to others, your curls may be a feature of yours that people adore, we always want something we don’t have, but focusing on those points, just brings us more and maybe torment us, that little bit more….we need to find balance within ourselves, to feel comfortable within our skin and who we are, if you are ready for a change, make that change, don’t wait any longer, when you are happy with yourself your whole life seems happier

When you love and care for yourself, it is when you know yourself so well, take time out to get to know exactly who and what you are, and if there are parts you are not so keen on, change them. but never change the essence of yourself, you are beautiful and unique no matter what ………….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






2 Comments on “HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOURSELF………………………………

  1. Excellent question Brooke! And very enlightening post. Even with a PhD in psychology, I am still a mystery to myself. Which I find incredible. Because curiosity and an perpetual openness to what comes next = what makes life worth living!

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