It is very important to be mentally alive with the wish to convert into reality certain objectives you have in life, whether it be to gain more sales or project a journey, or to teach a parrot various phrases, your list of wishes either personal or transferable, border on the infinite….. but don’t become confused, to have objectives es necessary to maintain normality every day, an objective is a passing thing, a passion is fundamental to our existence, the one’s we hold and the one’s we build, objective can be to do sport, Passion is to be a champion….

The objective is to be good, Passion is to be the best. The Objective is to imitate, Passion is to create. The Objective is to have friends, Passion is to love. The objective is to do, Passion is to lead. The objective is to signal preferences, over a period of time, to absorb knowledge and display abilities. A passion is closer to an obsession, which signifies taking it to our human limit, knowing that we can do no more. The objective is felt in the skin, Passion penetrates and invades your soul, like poetry compared to ignorance, calling to the most sensitive part of our brain.

Passion stays with us from the moment we wake till the moment we go to sleep and at times are dreams are invaded and we need a pen and paper at our bedside. To live to forfil a passion, requires us to be surrounded by notes and points references, as we may be weak in the body, but the mind can forget.The objective can at times be elastic, and at times is convenient to be, Passion is firmly shut and un-negociable

So, to where do we let it go, how far?

Each person has their own answer, certainly unique and definitely intransferable.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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