How much time do you give to yourself, if your answer is no or not a lot, I suggest you start now on a little personal challenge and change a few habits and place relaxation and serenity in your life, you need it and you will feel better for it and maybe even be able to do a little more, due to your readjustment in your normal routine. You can only benefit so loosening up and discovering life with less stress can be quite amazing.

You could start with simple things that maybe you have wanted to do for a while and you just put it of, it could be something as easy as enjoying reading the daily paper, instead of flashing through it, take your time, have a coffee an actually read the newspaper, maybe you want to clean something and keep pushing it to the bottom of the list, or it could be a nice walk in the park, whatever it maybe give attention and time to you, it is no good giving it to everyone else and excluding yourself.

How do you breathe, do you actually give yourself time to breathe correctly? The base of everything we do involves our breathing, breathing is life, it is a miracle in itself where we gain our energy and eliminate the toxins we carry around with us, when we breathe deeply and our conscious of what we are doing it gives us the ability to become calm and control the situation around us, today, when you feel angry, stressed or just have had enough breath deeply various times and concentrate on what you are doing, let the air in and let the air out, you will be amazed at how you change both physically and mentally the way you feel. We really do forget to breathe correctly deeply and relax, but we can get used to it again with a little practice, to get back into this correctly you will need to find a quiet spot for you, sitting or lying down or even standing closed your eyes and give your full attention to your breathing, let your shoulders drop allowing them to relax, trying to place as much space as possible from your ears, now take note of how the air you are breathing in flows through your body and leaves, just observe don’t try to control anything, this is all you need to do, give time and attention to yourself, you will never regret it.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

1 Comment on “Time for relaxation and serentiy

  1. Great blog post! Few people pay attention to their breathing and yet it is perfect place to start meditation! 🧘‍♀️ It’s effortless to just ‘watch the breath’ and it’s always there as a reminder to meditate.

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