This is when it really happens, you may doubt this, but try to think when things have worked out good for you, without you sending yourself silly wishing the outcome to be the desired one, have you ever sent your intention out to the universe and yes you have given it thought from time to time but you did not allow it to become an obsession, you see, at times when we really want something we can occasionally go into panic mode and overdo it, repeating and repeating and in the end, we probably confuse even the universe, however, if you relax and put less effort into it, just take it as natural, remember to ask, believe receive, when you know who you are and you are happy with your findings, your manifestation becomes easier, have patience, know that Rome was not built in a day, you have to believe in yourself and that the universe is always listening to you and will always work with you to achieve your desires, the secret to this is to be able to see the signs it will put before you, if we miss those signs you could miss the whole thing, it is never sure how those messages will come to you, as the universe moves in mysterious ways…you need to remain open and keep your vibrations high, keep calm and positive and always remember to be grateful for everything you already have, tell yourself ” I am happy and grateful for…………………..” what it is you wish to attract, give thanks as if you already have it, that it is in your life and feel that emotion you will be over whelmed by the results, just give it a try, remember to ask for something big or small the work is the same for you, so don’t hold back i you want to reach for the stars…

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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