Are you capable of living alone? So you think you could do it, not everyone fits this role, and of course, the question should be, are you capable of living alone by choice? that should be the question, when you have no choice, you would just get on with it, one of the first things you should think about when toying with the idea of living alone, is how much do you like yourself? because that is precisely the person you will be sharing everything with, if you like that person you will never feel alone, are you capable of entertaining yourself and having sufficient self-control to organize your timetables and responsibilities, it is true you decide when where and what, but if you choose to leave things until another day, or moment which is your perrogative when living alone it can create complications at a later date, you still have obligations even though you live alone, these are obligations to yourself, you have to have priority on your life and how it evolves, yes you are independent, yes you choose what to do with your time, your mind body and soul… and it can be a wonderful feeling, but you must never lose yourself, within all this freedom, allow your emotions and passions to exist and always allow your creative side to flow, this can be through so many things, you may enjoy to write, and if you are serious you must set times and forfill that promise to yourself, if you exercise it must be the same, not just when it suits you or you feel like it, you have to make that effort to keep a structured life, and if you work from home it is similar, within your liberty to choose your own hours and even maybe where you are to perform your working duties… this is one of the great advantages of working from home, you can do it from anywhere, even the beach, if you enjoy the beach the park the forest, because you are alone you do not have to give that up, nice meals and spoiling yourself are the same, if you feel strange dinning alone in a restaurant, you can equally set up a lovely table and meal at home for yourself, why not you deserve it, a good film great music, you can even dance your heart away and never stop spoiling yourself, if you enjoy flowers, buy yourself flowers chocolates or treat yourself to the spa or do it yourself at home, it is easy to prepare and lavish a little in luxury, why not? You are so worthy, and if you are feeling down, work at your self-esteem, there is so much you can do through social media without having to spend a fortune or even anything at all, a pet can also help, they just return so much unconditional love and can be as good as your own company, just don’t be your boring best friend! Be your best friend!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

1 Comment on “Living alone?

  1. A great overview, especially during these current unpredictable times. Your post inspires lot of thoughts about every gender and every age group and every unexpected situation that could lead to a person living alone today.🤔

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