We always talk about the bad habits we should just lose to be successful, so today I want to mention a few that we need to have to work towards success, we have to be confident and know what we are good at, and have no embarrassment to express this gift, we don’t tend to blow our own trumpet enough and we should, it can be done in a good way, that people just understand that you have a natural talent for your line of work, you have to feel comfortable with yourself and your talents and a lot of this comes from your belief in yourself, never be afraid of rejection, and never think that successful people don’t experience rejection of course they do, but you have to have the ability to jump back, stronger each time, believe and take action each day towards your goals, even if it is only one call or conversation or client you have a day, it is taking you nearer to your goals, the big secret as you know is to never give up, the ability to bounce back is very important… you may need to work on this a little but you can acquire this habit and make it yours..

Another habit that should really be worked on, is, doing what you dislike first and foremost, there is always something, one part of our job or life that we don’t like to do, this should be your first job if you need to ask for a bill to be paid, to remove someone of their position, whatever it may be, even if it’s your exercise routine, don’t put it off because later you will not do it and later becomes tomorrow and this is how it goes, so a big part of becoming successful is let the order of your day, start with dislikes and build your day up, you will feel so good once it is behind you, postponing the event just makes it worse and takes you further away from where you wish to go, don’t move away from your dreams just do it, and keep moving closer to your success.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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