Thank you for all the mails I have recieved recently , I am extremley grateful and enjoy reading your thoughts on my recent posts, however I have recieved a mail regarding panic attacks and feel it is worth a post to help others who may know someone who suffers from this,or of course your self.

If you suddenly feel an unexplainable anxiety, you feel full of fear and can hear your heart pounding in your ears and have problems breathing – you are probaly suffering from a panic attack. This can be cured and should be as not to lead to further problems, you can take control of your life once again.

fear and anxiety 2

Panic attacks can strike at anytime, even when we are sleeping or relaxed – they usually occur when something or someone makes you feel in danger and cannot escape a situation you fear.

There are signs and symptoms to panic attacks – you may feel – shortness of breath,sweating,sickness,dizziness,shaking etc., A panic attack can last up to 30 mins and can happen anywhere.

Once you accept and acknowledge that you suffer from panic attacks you can start to find the solutions, when you start to feel the symptons, take yourself to one side, sit down and realise (learn) to know that nothing will happen, start to read and learn about panic attacks, learn to control your breathing,deep breathing can relieve panic symptoms, it will calm you down and feel less anxious,also practise relaxation techniques they will help

anxiety 3

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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