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Now that you know that you have this wonderful inner gift, you must start to prepare yourself to take full benefit of the power you hold within, and prepare yourself for your internal conversations.

This internal voice is not going to shout out loud, it is patient, it will not get your attention at any cost, it is happier to wait for you to listen.

Your first job is to find your place of peace, when you are calm and start to love silence, this can be a challenge at first, but slowly throw away the internal conversations of everyday stress, say to them it can be discussed at a later date, find your peace, when there is no interfering noise you will find your internal voice of guidance, then you can listen and hear clearly.

Here are a few tips on how to find this ideal situation, for your one-to-one conversation:-

Take a nice walk, no phones, no distraction, a short walk is enough for you to tune in, when you start your one to one, don’t break it of with no reason.

Find your favorite relaxing spot, beach, the hills, your garden where ever it may be, where all you can hear are the sounds of nature, not a noisy coffee shop, nature, the birds, and the bees will help you to connect.

If you are used to doing Yoga, Tai Chi, etc., perfect opportunity, as all these feelings stem from the heart, light exercise is a good to connect. 

Try to start to wind down an hour before you go to bed, again no TV, phone, etc., anything electronic should be far away, you will sleep better and wake much more relaxed and able to take on your day.

If you drive, get those windows down and listen to the wind, you don’t need the radio, the natural breeze is far more satisfying.

Then last but not least, nothing, can you do just nothing? as long it is noise-free you will be able to connect, perfect for listening.

Once you are really good at this, there will be occasions when you least expect to have your conversation, but it is possible as you progress, you could be in traffic, instead of stressing out and becoming angry, take advantage and have a little conversation with yourself, you could be queuing to pay for something, even if you are tolling over a problem at work or at home, you can ask for help and guidance, overcome the obstacle, you may get the best answer. When your mind is in a calm state, you open yourself up to miracles. 

Meditation is also a great way, as your mind does tend to rest and your heart will open up, to meditate your age status or background does not matter.

Brooke Universal Life Relationship Coach

12 Comments on “LISTEN & PREPARE

  1. Wonderful post and some great reminders. For me, I need to start turning off technology earlier before going to bed. Have a great week ahead. xo

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  2. I have a hard time doing “nothing”. I am OK putting away technology, but I will find something to do. The dishes, the laundry, clean, get the bed ready, feed the dog….sheesh I will come up with anything.

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    • Doing nothing can be difficult for many, however if you can quiet your mind while doing your dishes, laundry etc., you can have your one to one conversation while doing these things, its like talking to ourselves, but not complaining to ourselves.

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  3. Good reminders, Brooke for the busy Mom who is guilty of not taking care of herself as often as she should- hmmmm, I think I know someone like that.
    Have a great day! 🙂


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