The first question if we are going to discuss branding, has to be, How well do you know yourself, Who are you? How are you? The big word of the moment is branding, everyone is telling you how you should brand yourself, well my opinion on this is that YOU are your branding, and many of us do not realize this, the way we present ourselves to the world and how we conduct our business, etc,. is our branding, a long time ago I did a post on you being your business card and I still stand by that, the impression you give is the one they remember, which is why you must always give it your best shot, first impressions count, you can have the best “branding” in the world, you can work for one of the best “brands” in the world, but if YOU as a person cannot deliver the goods as they are to be received no branding is going to work, first you need to know how to brand yourself, that is one of the secrets to success, if you can’t converse with people, if you can’t be responsible for the energy you give out, you need to seriously work on yourself, or allow someone else to do that and you work behide the scenes, where you good guide your business to great success, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses, you have to know your purpose in life, are you here to give a service, what is your purpose, and only you can answer that question, when you are totally convinced of that answer, then you can start to brand yourself and test the waters, be realistic ! No matter what area we operate in, your personal branding is important and that starts with you, not some jazzy logo or flashy colors or tune, if a doctor/dentist is well-liked he has branded himself well, he not only knows his profession well but his personality gels perfectly with his clients, if you are not a peoples person than never work with people, this is where knowing your service is important, always where possible choose what you do in accordance with what suits you best and where you can shine within your own branding.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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