Do you get that urge to do some kind of sport during the summer months? It could be the inviting weather that calls us outdoors and gives us that surge in energy to get up and move, there is so much to choose from, no matter what your age or physical abilities, there is something for all of us, the most important factor is to be sensible, it no good going all out the first day and then not be able to move for the rest of the week, everything in moderation and build your body and yourself up to where you wish to be, there are so many deciding factors as to why we get this urge, we usually have a change in our timetables, and our habits sometimes even where we are, this should not help you as an added excuse to stop your activities, this should be your incentive to keep going if you are on holiday, what could be nicer than walking along the sea shore, to exercise on the sand or even have a go a volleyball! Swimming is an excellent sport it moves all those muscles just like a bicycle and remember each time you practice these activities you are honoring your body mind and soul, you are on full recharging of your inner batteries, preparing yourself for the rest of the year to come, you are feeling good and can take on anything the universe has planned for you.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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