There are certain little changes you can make to enable you to have a good night’s sleep in this very hot weather, so what is a comfortable and fresh bedroom, the Meditteranean look never fails, it instantly takes you to maybe a recent holiday or happy memories but it also helps to keep the room itself cool during the heat, using white and navy blue in the textiles and using as many natural fabrics as possible with details of wood, will give that coastal feel to your room and also keep it cool and don’t forget to add plants they help a lot and are very decorative when choosing fabrics always go for cotton or even linen sheets they are much fresher and appealing, If you really like your continental quilt, that’s great but the option would be not to place it in the cover.

An excellent alternative to air conditioning is a ceiling fan, preferably in white they can be very attractive as there are lots of different styles and they give that rustic meditteranean look, fresh flowers also work well, blue and white are the coolest colors you could choose for your summer freshness.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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