The system set in our society not only concerns our pockets it also involves our relationships,which in turn determines our wishes and what is necessary,what one person experiments as basis necesite that will enable you to have a tranquil life,comfortable and without struggle,changes from one period to another,the same way will change your values.

embrace yourself

Not all that long ago,not everyone had a bank account,today this would be impossible,as all out basic needs are paid on a direct debit,for the services we receive in our homes,only twenty years ago,it was not essential to have a computer,in your home,today it is so important,and could be classed as a great necesite,Of course we could live without a computer,telephone,bank account and hot water,however without them just imagine how complicated life would be and time consuming,boiling water,writing and posting letters etc But,there is still alot of things that we could live without and that are not essential in our lives at all,the fact that we just get use to everything does not mean that our lives without certain things would be more difficult or hard,although the adjustment may be a little difficult.We still have a long way to go,we have created a society where we are never satisfied with what we have,although we are living in a time of over abundance of material goods,however people who have a material life style can suffer greatly with health issues,stress,depression,tiredness etc., It is very important that you realise for yourselves “How much is enough” we need to find a balance point,having more does not give us a better life,so it is important to reflect on this, a lot is at stake,your health……so find your balance and concentrate on a happy life and feel good.

Brooke Universal Life Coach


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