So, why for most people, things are never just things….. as many of you know I recently just moved house, I cannot explain to you how good I feel, my first reaction was a sadness to leave so many loved and treasured things (although finding another home for certain things was very rewarding) however, I now realize how free I feel, it is very true to say that the more things you own the more they own you, clutter really does force the brain to consume, energy creating an uncluttered environment is really magical, clearing clutter whether it is physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual brings about ease within it inspires a sense of peace calm and tranquility, I just don’t why I never did it before when you totally de-clutter your life you start to identify the essential and eliminate the rest, you start to see what was holding you back, what was empowering you in the wrong way, and I feel that happiness is somewhere in between too little and too much! on every level, clutter is not just the things in your wardrobe or cupboards, it’s everything and anything that gets between you and the life that you want to be living.

Clutter can represent decisions that you have not made, everything goes on a pile because that is easier than making a decision at that moment in time, unmade decisions stack up like you would not believe, so we need to look inside and find out what we want to pull out, it’s like a garden full of weeds you pluck them out one by one until you are left with the beauty you wish to see, not what you have to see, and also a big bonus is the less you have to manage, nothing is rent-free whether it be in your head or your home, everything needs space and love and care to keep it as it should be when we realize that our homes hold our stories and we become very attached to our possessions, they are the key, to this process but must be worked with and not fought against when we do this we see our home and even maybe ourselves through new eyes, everything needs care and compassion and I am sure if you need to de-clutter whatever in your life, you will feel refreshed and welcome the change into your life.

Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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