San Juan bonfire festival, summer solstice…………………………

The bonfires of San Juan are a traditional and popular festival celebrated around the world, on the evening of the 23rd of June, one of the largest is here near me in Alicante Spain. Formally constituted in 1928.


beach san juan night

The beaches are full of bonfires !!! 

descarga Beach san juan

Early evening, everyone prepares for the big magical night…………..

A magical night, where bonfires are set all along the beaches, also in Alicante there are incredible paper mache and wood figures which fill the streets.


The beach fires are where everyone jumps over the fire or sea waves three times to make a wish, It is about night and day, fire and water, Fire purifies and water recuperates, refreshes, and rejuvenates.

images Jump the fire

This wonderful evening can go on till the early hours, and many stay to see the sunrise. During the festival, there is always a spectacular firework display.

images firework display

I hope you all have a wonderful San Juan, and all your wishes come true.


descarga Map San Juan


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