How often if ever have you stepped out of your comfort zone, have you ever totally changed your career, have you suffered from burnout and just needed that change, it’s not a problem and it is never too late…. when you step up and make that change or add a new activity to what you are doing, you may find a job, an opportunity that you never want a holiday from? Would that not be great! So what holds you back fear? the fear of losing your stability or financial position, this is where we can now incorporate a new interest and work at it until we feel comfortable enough to make the transition, and remember there is no such thing as too old to try.

You can be years working the same job, but an opportunity comes along that just sings to you in some special way, the best part in all of this is to lose yourself in your new motivation, you actually start to do something that has a true meaning to you, a purpose, I presume you know what you would like to do, most of us, know what we don’t want to do, so take that step and move into your true flow, no matter what it is, maybe you just want to add a new hobby into your life, do want to paraglide, ride a motorcycle skydive… do it, your age does not come into this, that is your excuse to yourself, to keep you from doing what you want, age is nothing but a number, how do you feel? that’s what matters… you really will be proud of yourself, whatever it is never let your excitement fade, you are not fading away…you will see yourself in your new tole, never miss a chance, that opportunity when it is presented to you, if you don’t try you will never know? You can even go back to studying, online degrees and courses are so available to all, when you find your passion you will love the new discipline you find inside of you, if it is a well-being factor you may find that you can do more now than when you were much younger, the interest and satisfaction factor is much stronger, and you just love the results that discipline gives you, you just would not have felt the same way when you were younger, you can find a new felt freedom in your body and mind.

Wishing you great success, remember it’s never too late to spice up your life

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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