You know when you have that feeling that goes totally against your way of thinking, it really does not fit you or the way you are, but the feelings are shouting, anger, ashamed, or guilty about something that just doesn’t go with you either in your work place or personal life. This can, and does happen even over countries fighting on unproveked attacks.

When this happens and it is not directly your problem or fight, it is referred to as “moral injury” and this was found a lot during the pandemic months, this term is used to describe various symptoms, it’s like a burn out. Obviously this does not affect you unless you are directly involved in some way, even if it is your feelings, which is why we need to understand our feelings as this can be known as moral distress!! It is a known fact that by talking through our feelings with a trusted person is key to how you are going to feel, they need to have your best interests at heart and not have a bias opinion, as this can work against you and your feelings, it is best to avoid people that you know will disagree with you or even worse criticise you, this will only make you more distressed, these kind of people also need to look in the mirror and may be consider their own feelings, if they know they are advising badly they should relax and enjoy life without guilt.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


  1. La mejor persona que puede intender una persona que a hecho o que está en burn out es una persona que a pasado por un burn out. No va a juzgar la, va escuchar la y tener todo la paciencia necesaria. El diálogo es muy importante, aún que no es fácil de hablar de sus sentimientos…
    Preciosa, te deseo un buen día


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