So, what makes you more mature, do you think you are mature? It is not a question of age, but more about the experiences we have had in life, you know you are mature when you start to forgive more easier, that does not mean forget, forgiving is another thing and when you forgive you are also forgiving yourself which is very important, you respect that people have differences in opinion, life and moments in general, you accept heartache in a distinct way, learning to accept is a big part of maturity, when tend to stand back more and not jump in immediately to judge others, and the days of gossip and small talk are long gone, you have no interest in any of those things, you become much more open minded about life and situations we come across, you know how responsible you are for your happiness, and have stopped along time ago to depend on others for that, you tend to talk less and listen more, you allow others to shine, and it’s great to realize that you do not have to know everything, you speak up for yourself and state your case, in a very correct manner of course! you also know that time is precious, and you learn to say no regarding things that you do not wish to participate in, this is due to the fact that you love yourself much more than you did before, you know your value and your worth.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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