As we  look back in history, we should be able to see that the secret of happiness is not in having more,but in wanting less and appreciating what we have.  We can also see that the present trend is that people are becoming more interested in resources and alternatives that can make our life style and well being more adaptable to the stlye of our lives today. 

Some of these tools can be this blog that you are reading now,you seek and find useful information that is practical and will help you react in an intelligent way to get through difficult times,without fear and face your problems face on. 

In the first instant we must be able to analize and be objective to the reality that we are living and be conscious of what is around us, to be able to start a change. From this we start to learn how everything functions in today’s society,we must be able to see our main needs in life as individuales are,not what we create in our minds.

change your thoughts 5

Happiness cannot be found or depend on the latest model of car,or the latest in designer labels, it is much more simple than that,we are continually brain washed by what we must have to be someone or important,to impress whatever you want to call it, when the truth for us,is to change our habits,to suit our life style of the moment,don’t crave for what you don’t have,see everything you do have and be grateful and happy,we all go through difficult times,and this is when we need to adapt the most,whether it be in your personal life or a financial struggle,readjust yourself and enjoy yourself,remember you have many resources that do not need a companion and do not need money,the simple things in life are nearly always the most enjoyable. This is not just a fix to get you through these times, its a way for you to see a great opportunity to change in a definite way your life style.(See previous blogs)


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