What money ? some of you may say ! Well your relationship with money could influence your money flow.

money stress 1

When we meet someone, we very often come to conclusions, not always the right one’s, we like, we don’t like, maybe a little…..we feel the vibes that we give out and that they project, please note the word vibe…. these vibe’s (vibrations- frequencies ) make up a great part of our life. So, if we feel bad around money, we are giving out bad vibes, we are rejecting money from coming into our life. The vibrations we give out everyday is what we are projecting as our desire’s as our thoughts when we see money as a bad thing, because you have a lack of it, you make it a little like your enemy, when people talk about it,you resist,when people ask for it,you maybe panic, and anxiety kicks in, when you are not working and cannot see money coming in, you feel bad, so therefore your vibrations drastically drop, you become stuck, the more you think, the worse it get’s, it’s like being on a hamster wheel and you can’t get of, but the great new’s is, you can get out of that wheel and you can move forward, by changing the way you see money, money is a tool that we use to buy, food, clothes, your home, electric, water, petrol, etc., etc., and you start to think I need it, I need it like a flower needs water, yes you are right, we all need it, but you need it on your side not as an enemy, so you need to welcome money back into your life, with open arms, take a new lover called money…… open your door wide open and invite it back into your life, if you had a new friend in your life, how would you act, how would you feel, what vibration would you be giving ? Are you grateful for your new friend ? are you happy and do you look forward to seeing them again, the answer you give will probaly be yes, so why don’t we feel the same about money, it comes and goes just like a friend, they call, you meet, they leave ! but, you are still friends, you look forward to there next visit.. so this is how you have to see money, can you see the difference between dreading the visit and looking forward to it, your whole vibration changes, you thoughts are different, remember ” like attracts like” when you feel different you start to see ways to bring your friend to you more frequently, how to enjoy that time and feel happy when it is around, your mind is clearer and you remove the block, you come out of that place called stuck, and you start to move forward, because of the vibrations you are now projecting, opportunities will come your way to enable your relationship to continue, and because of the way you feel and your clearer mind, you will actually see those opportunities and not allow yourself to let them pass by. All you have to do is ACT, the sooner the better, you have nothing to lose,but alot to gain, you do not need anyone to do this, so what are you waiting for ?


Universal Life Coach




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