I know many of you struggle with realizing your dreams, so I am hoping to break it down a little and into easy ways to get you there, when you think of visualizing some of you seem to panic and think you can’t do it, well you can, just imagine a day in the life you really want to be living, forget the word (visualizing) just think of what you want and imagine how it would feel and look, think about where you are now, financially, physically, logistically socially and career wise, now break everything down into tiny steps that can become your new goals, and find the ideal path for you to reach each one, when they are broken down it is easier and simpler to work out the pathway. You will need to create new habits probably, so, pop them into your diary, that way you never forget until they become firm new habits. Try to remove what you think will be obvious obstacles, or ask advise on how to get around them, sometimes two heads are better than one, and always avoid negative people and surround yourself with like minded people as yourself, you need support on this journey, not someone who will try to tie you down and disagree with all your efforts, this journey is yours own it and do it until you have what you want.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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