When you truly believe in yourself, you will be able to realize the life you have always desired, believe in what you do and your capabilities, and don’t worry about the person next to you, they are them and you are you, remember we all have different qualities and no two people see us the same, we are wonderful to some and not so wonderful to others, it is what you feel inside that actually shapes your future and freedom in all the areas of your life.

When you are told to go within to find the solutions you need, do you understand that or does it leave you may be more confused, we all have a power within, this power will guide you to what it is you need, better health better relationships careers, which give us a better lifestyle, now of course to have all these things you have to start from the base that all of this is possible, it is your believe that shapes everything around you, you need to be prepared to change your until now thinking patterns and to remove all the things you know you don’t want in your life, because we do know, what we want and what we don’t…..inside we do know what is best for us, no matter what it is, you need to trust yourself and let your power handle what needs to be handled, remember that this power loves and cares for you so can only improve your lifestyle if you allow it. we are responsible for what goes on in our life, even if we wish to deny that fact, I’m sorry it is true, whether it is good or bad, we think and what we think is what appears in our life, so imagine if you could think positive and gradually block the negative, this can be done by exchanging those thoughts for things that really please us and may even bring a smile to our face, now that you know that this, it does not been you have to be hard on yourselves, we just need to slowly rectify those thoughts that are not so positive and happy, no one can be happy 24/7 but there is a big difference between responsibility and blame, when we use responsibility we bring in our inner power, we listen we take not and act accordingly, blame is when you give that power away we become the victim, and WE are not victims!! However if we accept responsibility we don’t waste a second blaming ourselves…you must never understand responsibility for guilt, when things go wrong, responsibility is our ability to respond to a situation, we always have a choice and, at times that may mean admitting that we have contributed to where we are in our life

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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