Many times we have looked at how we change as we grow, we loose the child magic along the way,the magic, the passion,the way we see our lives,we have also mentioned that this happens when we become what people want us to be, and this is how we loose our way,we forget what we want, I have said many times, you have to know what you want,but to do that you have to know WHO YOU ARE because we loose that along the way as well, we forget or forego who we really are,we take in so much input from the outside,we forget about our inside, we conform with what life gives us and not what we want from life, we get stuck,we really are so of the track, we don’t even see it. We are so concerned with what society expects from us, regarding our looks,tastes,culture,this fast world that we live in, we totally forget or ignore what we expect for ourselves, this happens over a period of time,its not a quick process, its creeps up on us over the years and each year we get further away from what we want, but most importantly WHO WE ARE, so I ask you, do you know WHO YOU ARE…….HONESTLY, if you had to explain yourself to someone what would you say, would you answer by saying all the things you hear others saying, or do you really know WHO YOU ARE most people don’t know and can’t answer that question, you have lost yourself somewhere on the way,but that does not mean that you can’t retrieve your real self now in your future,a lot of you right now, will be in total disagreement with me,OH thats not me,but lets be honest, do you still feel passion and excitement with everything you do, or do you just remember when you felt like that,do you enjoy thinking about days gone by,do you catch yourself saying  I remember…..Do  you remember………….etc., if you knew how much time and effort,physical energy went into that, you could of created many new ones,so its time to get of the hamster wheel and live the life you have a right to, the life you originally wanted deep down, if you are “content” with your lot, then you are kidding yourself, you have to be a very brave person to get to the bottom of this, but the great thing is, you can do this on your own, you need to do this on your own,find out who you really are,and where you want to go, be true to yourself, you will achieve great satisfaction from this and all you need is to take a little time out of your lifetime and ask yourself some questions about WHO YOU ARE this is about knowing yourself from the inside,not how people know you or see you, if you do think of the past, maybe you will find something here,when you were more aligned with who you are and where you wanted to go.You will find a pen and paper will be a great help here, write everything down, and read and re read, this way you will see things in a clearer light, this is  something to change your life for the better, to bring back your drive and passion,and to help you find the direction you want to be going in,with energy and a love of life. Take note and Happy New Life………………………

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