Life, are you one of these people who watch life go by, do you closely watch the lives of others, or do you actually implicate yourself into your own life, do you participate and enjoy every part? Life is not good at all times, but that is exactly what life is all about, the highs and the lows, it is how we become the person we are today, how we form our character, and how we gain experience to deal with the issues that confront us every now and again, this also can be good or bad. 

As we age, we also change, and maybe laugh many times, at how we start to sound like are parents !! We probably don’t share the same views on things as we live in a progressive world and see and understand things in different ways (thankfully) not all of us make that transition but on the whole, I think most do, this maybe is because we simply don’t want to be carbon copies of our parents or for a reason much deeper, which we swear never to repeat the pattern of behavior. Neither of these reasons means we don’t or didn’t love our parents, we just see ourselves, as an individual making individual decisions on how to live our lives and that of our family. That also doe’s not mean we get it right or wrong. If you are implicated in your life, your family relationship dynamics will show if you are on the right track. 

When we are young, we do have the spirit of adventure and dare most things, we are not always conscious of what we do or say, and we can make mistakes, this is not the end of the world, it may give us strength for things to come, we acquire experience and hopefully learn, not all things come to us easy, as when we were children, (this obviously depends on your childhood) but in general, things would have been done for us, and now as adults, you do the doing for yourself and maybe family. 

Life also can absorb us into struggle, fighting for everything we what, this is not the sunny side of life, but the struggle will allow us to appreciate, to bring gratitude into our life, as we realize the importance of treasuring and being thankful for what we have every day in our life. Sadly life also gives us tragedy, we face the loss of our dear ones and friends, and we all handle this differently in our own way and time, this can be one of the hardest lessons in life, however for all of us life continues and we must continue with it, through knowing that love ones, always want the best for us, love for them should allow us to do this, love is a wonderful part of our life, a happy and special part, and even if we have a broken heart along the way, we have known love and can love again, we love ourselves our family and friends, love helps us to make life more enjoyable. And finally promise, a promise you make to yourself, to live your life to the best you can, to really be present and engage in every day, to love and appreciate your life and what is in it. It’s yours to enjoy.

heart-tree-row   Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach 





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