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It’s a perfect time of the year to start thinking of putting a simple life into practice, holidays are on the horizon, use that time to start your change, it’s a change that can stay.

Try doing one thing at a time:- We set down a list of things, and on top of it we want to do them all at the same time, chill…. take one thing at a time, this way you learn not to overpressure yourself and without rushing.

Avoid relationships that give you nothing:- There are relationships that only take our time and energy, before you go to see these people think about how they make you feel and if you are motivated to see them. 

Lighten your diary:- List what you need to do, maybe from 1 to 10, line in a bright color the most important, and forget the rest for another day.

Give yourself space:- Imagine your home empty, what would you take back and what do you think you would leave out forever! What is necessary, remove what you don’t use anymore, when you have physical space you give serenity to your mind.

Time to do nothing:- This does not mean reading a book or painting, it means doing nothing, just sitting, and letting the tension flow away, your whole day will feel much lighter, and let routine go out of the window.

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Change the order:- Give priorities a different order, at times we put our work ahead of everything, our health or life in general, and give ourselves time for ourselves, our body, our mind, and our friends. You work when you are at work! 

A walk:- Give yourself time, for a little stroll, just enjoy walking in the open air, take in what is around you and enjoy, you will notice how your problems will leave you, your focus is where you are. 

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Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

10 Comments on “SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE !!…….

  1. I think I will try the “do nothing”… I’m way past due!😃 But I already know that won’t happen for another few weeks. But it it happens, I will enjoy it!


  2. I have been aiming for a simpler life for many years.
    Life can be complicated especially if you have lots of family, certainly a blessing. Think I’ll go for a walk and clear out the cob webs! Nice article.


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