Have you ever lost your way, when the right direction is just not clear to you, you have lost that intuitive, impulse sixth sense or simple common sense to keep going, we lose the drive to go forward and just seem to stagnant, we have lost the ability to believe in what we believe to believe in ourselves,but we have one good thing still going for us, we are aware, we still maintain the awareness of us going know where, but still allow ourselves to sink, we blame our circumstances, bad luck, just not being at the right place at the right time etc., etc., there are a thousand reasons we can come up with and some our very valid however we have to re-act, life goes on and we have to be part of it,without it we are dead inside and working out, this is not the part when we have to think of our parents,, children etc., which are excellent reasons for going on, the most important reason to get back into life, is YOU, you need to get back on that journey of life for yourself, you come this way, once and once only as you are now, (in the event of you believing you live various times) so never give up on yourself you deserve so much more,when we go down so deeply, you have to start to see that the only way back is up, step by step, don’t rush this, one solid step is worth more than 20 steps run like in a marathon……so, you are now thinking and how do we do this and even see it, when we are at the bottom of this life ladder,that goes all the way up to the stars and beyond, look at yourself in the mirror, with an open mind, not with the mind that is telling you, forget it your finished!! Look hard and see the person you really want to see, this is not impossible, because that person is you, that person has never left you, it is just temporary being shadowed by the fog around you that is not allowing you to move forward, to react and to get your life back, whatever the reason, no reason is allowed to take your life away and hold it on standby, you are worth more, so now you have looked into the mirror and seen the person you want to see, you have to hold that image and in print into your mind, from that moment every time you think of yourself, bring up the image you want, just by doing this simple little action, your mind will start to react to everyday situations, which it has not been doing until now, so you can start to plan your back to a life plan, remember simple little steps, one step at a time, whatever you decide will be a good choice taking you to your new direction. The sheer fact that you are now looking at the person you really are will give you the inner confidence and courage you need to make decisions again without underestimating everyone, you have made until now, will feel more open to meeting new people, possible job ventures and interviews, maybe even a total career change, your family relationships will improve, because your loved ones will be so happy to see you again and not the person you had become. And you will love yourself, you will see yourself how you want to be, at long last you will respect who you are and therefore others will find a new-found respect for you, this whole process will take you to the top of your life back ladder, so go ahead take your first steps to the happiest journey of your life.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





3 Comments on “WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR WAY…………………….

  1. I wrote on my blog http://www.myverytrendy.wordpress.com ‘when they thought I was crazy’ about my friend who lost his way because of haters and enemies around him. And because his young and trying to make it in life. He was scared of life because these people surrounding him got to his head. He went to rehab because of it, last year. But his happy again. And he try to fight.

    I love the way you have encouraged people in this piece. Thank you


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