If you are looking at changing your life, this is a topic you have to dive into, have you ever labeled yourself or even worse have you allowed others to do that for you? there is really nothing more appealing than this, and sadly the world just loves to label people, they feel it gives everyone a place, I wonder where their place would be?

If only it was as easy as that, the business of a label, given by yourself or someone else goes very deep and can create a serious of problems within you and your life, you may feel attacked and they stay with you unless you do something about it, the first culprits and not always in a wrong way can be your parents, but you believe or believed them, or it could have been school friends, colleagues work companions the label can come from many places, where they appeared in your life is quite unimportant, it is the effect it has on your life that holds the importance! You need to challenge these so-called labels and remove them from your life, it can be done and must be done by you…

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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