This could be the most important list of your life, and I am going to include a tip for you here, one of the most asked questions I receive is regarding the creation of your reality, in the sense of visualizing or knowing what you want, here you can maybe do two things at the same time, but with success……. when you create your bucket list, you are making a list of all the things you would like to do before we take on another journey to a place we have yet to discover, so you are actually composing a list of your goals and dreams which you wish to achieve… you are the only person you can do this list, but by placing the two together it may be easier for you to see and realize exactly what you want and maybe need.

When you write your bucket list, you are creating your reality and in a powerful way, there is something about a written goal/dream, the art of writing it down gives it an extra way of finding its way to you, you see a bucket list is not something you wish to happen in the last five/ten years of your life, a bucket list is your life list, they are things you wish to do, travel to, meet up with? achieve during the span of your life journey, so if you don’t have a bucket list I highly recommend that you put pen to paper and start to bring those beautiful things you wish for into your life, remember it can be anything, travel, finance, comfort, peace, love whatever floats your boat!!

Bucket lists are fun to create, and even better to experience and it is what gives our life that extra sense of adventure and excitement, so start your list today, don’t leave it another moment, start your creation ……….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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