friday night 1

So, here we are, Friday, that wonderful day that officially finishes are week, so how are you going to celebrate getting this far, yet again, every week is different and sometimes more difficult and hopefully occasionally easier, ( but not often eh?) however as we are here, you need to take note that some of this evening is your time and maybe the whole weekend, but not always, so love yourself a little you deserve it so much, cast those excuses aside and try to just think of you !! I know it can be hard, really hard for some of us, but we are as worthy as any other member of our family unit……………….just think if you were not A1 how would the rest of the troops fend for themselves, so don’t feel guilty about this, think what a favor you are doing for everyone by caring so well for yourself, so sit back, work out your relaxing plan for you to unwind and regain all the energy you have spent this last week, just think of you and how you are going to spoil and pamper yourself!


Have a great time, love yourself, it’s a wonderful feeling! 

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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